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Do you speak digital?

Digital interaction with your employees is essential – here’s why.

Most companies today have dedicated digital departments, which cater to the digital needs of their consumers. However, many companies neglect digital interaction with their employees.

Good internal communication is a game changer

Good internal communication is more important than ever in today’s workplace. In this infographic, ICSC captures the challenges and opportunities of conversing with employees in an age of social media and increasing numbers of remote employees. Here are the benefits of effective internal communication in a nutshell.

We’re engaged!

How to create employee connection in the workplace

Employee engagement is one of the buzzwords of the modern workplace. We are told that engaged employees help to boost profits, build brands and increase productivity. But what exactly is employee engagement?

What should you be telling your employees?

We all know how important communication is for healthy relationships, but did you know that it can also be costly to neglect communication with your employees?

Say it right

Communication is a word that is used frequently in a business context, but it is often regarded as a vague concept with no measurable outcomes. At ICSC we believe fervently in tangible outcomes from communication initiatives.

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