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Design and copy work best together

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Good collaboration between words and visuals creates optimal communication.

Modern marketing and communication projects often prioritise design and images. It seems imperative to grab the attention of a media-laden consumer who is faced with constant visual stimuli all day. However, copy can make the difference between the reader moving on to the next message, or paying further attention to your message. Engaging copy provides context and greater understanding of the intended message.

The fact is that both good design and good copy are vital to truly make an impact. Neither a good image nor good copy will have their maximum effect without the other. At ICSC, our designers and copywriters work closely together when conceptualising communication projects. Every new idea is generated by a combined brainstorming session between a writer, a designer, a strategist and a production driver. Finding common ground is essential to deliver a truly effective and collaborative final product.

While the creative process is something that most designers and writers prefer to tackle on their own, advice or perspectives from the outside can deliver an even better product. A shared pool of inspirations and examples of work that resonated with different creative people can create a really effective communications campaign.

Designers need a clearly articulated concept from copywriters to create the visuals that will bring it to life. Excellent communication campaigns often originate from a few key words that spark an idea. Copywriters, in turn, rely on visual cues from designers in order to choose the best words to get the reader’s attention and to maintain the core message.

The bottom line: Great collaboration between design and copy creates powerful messages, which retain the attention of consumers, thereby resulting in increased sales, improved brand status and customer retention. And that serves everyone’s bottom line.


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