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The 6 qualities of an engaging newsletter

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Company newsletters can be a very powerful communication tool. But in an age of e-mail overload, a bad newsletter is almost certain to go straight to the trash folder. ICSC creates multiple newsletters for our clients each month. We’ve seen what works – and what doesn’t… Here are our six top tips for a great company newsletter.

  1. Good design

Yes, the message of the newsletter is very important, but if the newsletter looks unappealing it won’t even get a second glance. It’s imperative to use the services of a graphic designer to create an engaging newsletter that echoes the look and feel of your corporate identity.

  1. Concise and engaging content

E-mail users do not have 10 minutes to scroll down three screens’ worth of copy. Your message should be carefully structured and clearly articulated. A few shorter snippets work far better than one long article.

  1. High quality images

Images play an important role by drawing the reader into the copy. Good quality images (in today’s digital age, grainy photos are unacceptable) should be accompanied by descriptive captions which entice the reader to read more of the copy.

  1. Accuracy and good grammar

It’s imperative that your newsletter is proofread by a trained professional. Spelling and grammar mistakes reflect very badly on your brand. Names, facts and dates must be correct. Remember, once you have distributed your newsletter, you have no control over who it is forwarded to. It is very difficult to apologise to an audience that you are unable to reach.

  1. Value for the reader

Your newsletter is about promoting your brand, but if you want people to read it, there must be something in it for them. Aim to include information that is useful for readers, and also direct them to relevant resources or information via links. Avoid including attachments, as this can make your newsletter appear clumsy.

  1. Put your reader in control

Provide links in your newsletter which allow readers to edit their preferences or unsubscribe, should they choose to do so. Other options, such as “Send this to a friend” are also useful.


ICSC has been creating engaging corporate newsletters for over a decade. Contact us today to find out how e-mail newsletters can help to build your brand.

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