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How to create employee connection in the workplace

Employee engagement is one of the buzzwords of the modern workplace. We are told that engaged employees help to boost profits, build brands and increase productivity. But what exactly is employee engagement?

Forbes defines employee engagement as “the emotional commitment the employee has to the organisation and its goals”. It is important, however, to understand the difference between job satisfaction and employee engagement. Job satisfaction is merely how the employee feels about the job they do (“I am satisfied with my job”), while engagement is a measure of how the personal goals of an employee connect and align with their work goals. Engaged employees are emotionally committed and personally invested in their jobs.

So how do you create an environment which encourages employee engagement? Most employees require the following fundamentals to thrive in their workplace: respect, recognition, personal growth, belonging and autonomy. Here are a few ideas on how to boost the qualities listed above:

  1. Encourage and boost employee performance

A simple thank you – especially one that is distributed on a wider communication platform – goes a long way. Thank employees for their efforts and encourage them, even when they make mistakes. An employee that is confident enough to try new things and innovate will be invaluable to your organisation.

  1. Provide opportunities for growth

Growth doesn’t necessarily mean a job promotion. Training opportunities, sharing information and including employees in decision-making structures and work groups can hone their skills and prepare them for greater responsibilities. The ideal situation is where an employee is contributing to the organisation’s goals while growing and learning at the same time.

  1. Ensure transparency by keeping employees informed

Employees will be far more motivated to work on a project if they understand all the underlying goals and challenges involved. Do your best to create an environment where everything is open and up for debate. If plans and strategies are discussed openly, employees will feel like a part of something greater, which encourages productivity and drive.

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