Change management

Change doesn’t have to be difficult. A carefully crafted change management and communications strategy creates emotional buy-in from your employees and equips them to lead the change process. Our change consulting and communication services focus on pragmatic, innovative change, driven by insight and experience.

Change consulting

We believe in involving people in the change management process. This typically offers novel solutions to problems and diminishes resistance to change.

Our “Change that sticks” framework includes the following services, which can be tailored to your change requirements:

  • Change readiness assessment;
  • Creation of a common goal and vision;
  • Embedding change via new ways of working;
  • Delivering better projects and risk management;
  • Securing return on your investment.

Change communication

A sound communications strategy during a time of change will help to foster employee engagement and strengthen your corporate culture. ICSC can advise on a strategic change communication plan involving all the services below:

  • Creation of change awareness;
  • Engagement of employees via involvement and buy-in;
  • Promotion of change leaders within your organisation;
  • Use of staff surveys to gauge employees’ response to change.

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