HR consulting

Your employees are key to the success of your organisation – if they are enabled and motivated to function at their maximum potential, your business will flourish. We can help you engage with your employees via HR initiatives such as effective performance management, the creation of a healthy work culture, targeted communication channels and regular staff feedback initiatives.

ICSC’s strategic HR consulting service focuses on achieving your organisational and business objectives via a people and HR strategy that is aligned with your requirements.

We believe passionately in creating synergy between your business strategy, employees’ performance, engagement and organisational culture. We combine our services to create a package that is specifically tailored to your business, thereby eliminating unnecessary cost and complexity.

Our services include the following:

  • Strategy: Crafting a people strategy that translates business strategies into HR priorities and action plans;
  • Performance: Developing an effective performance management system that will leverage the performance and productivity of your employees;
  • Risk: Safeguarding your businesses by ensuring that your people practices and processes are resilient to possible issues such as employment disputes or restructuring;
  • Engagement: Well-executed communication campaigns and employee value proposition programmes increase employee morale, loyalty and productivity;
  • Culture: A healthy work culture results in stronger customer service, business resilience and company performance;
  • Training management: The identification of training requirements within your organisation and subsequent liaison with relevant trainers in these specialist areas, and
  • Staff surveys: The use of various tools and channels, such as focus groups and electronic questionnaires, helps to gauge the sentiment among your staff members. We also analyse the results and suggest manners in which to address any possible concerns.

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