To commemorate our 21st birthday, we’ve put together #21facts about ICSC’s journey from entrepreneurial start-up to flourishing communications consultancy. Keep your eye on this blog to follow the #21facts as we list them.

In ICSC’s 21 years of existence we have had five different logos. As a communications agency it had always been important for our corporate image to remain fresh and relevant.  We love our current blue and grey corporate identity, but in hindsight we’re less sure about our first green and pink logo!

In 2006 Ilse entered and won Die Burger/Old Mutual’s Entrepreneur of the Year competition. “I wanted to know how ICSC measured up compared with other SMEs in our area. A few of the judging criteria were financial health, business strategy, uniqueness of services and business viability,” says Ilse.

In 2004 ICSC opened its own graphic design studio, RoundOne. RoundOne provided exclusive design services and had its own branded car for deliveries. The name RoundOne comes from Ilse’s love for shapes, numbers, days and colours and the belief that they are all connected. This phenomenon is known as synaesthesia.

By 2005 ICSC had grown exponentially and the team of five staff members moved from Ilse’s home to ICSC’s first official office premises in Plein Street, Durbanville. Another two office spaces followed in the next 15 years – in Oxford Street and Vrede Street. All our offices were located within a 3km radius of each other in Durbanville.

Staff members believe in sticking around. Lorraine, office manager and Ilse’s PA, has worked for ICSC for 15 years. Anisca, our operations manager, has worked for ICSC for 10 years. Two of our permanent contractors, Isabel and Karen, have worked for ICSC for 19 and 13 years, respectively.

At one stage Ilse employed 10 full-time staff members. Today we enjoy the flexibility and convenience of four permanent staff members and four fixed contractors.

After working on her own for over two years, the work started to roll in and Ilse employed her first staff member, Colette van Zyl, in 2003.

ICSC’s first and – initially – only client was BoE Bank (now part of Nedbank). “I had a monthly contract to the value of R5 000 with them,” Ilse remembers.

As in the case of many small businesses, ICSC had its humble origins in a study/spare room. In this case the room was in Ilse’s flat in Plataan Street, Durbanville