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ICSC celebrates 21 years!

Happy New Year! At ICSC we’re particularly excited to start a brand-new year because it’s our 21st birthday this year.

We’re marking our 21st year with a specially designed icon and a campaign with a host of interesting facts about our company. You’ll get a sneak peek at behind-the-scenes moments from the past 21 years and also find out more about how we’ve evolved over the past two decades.

For now, we thought we’d introduce our limited-edition icon and the rationale behind it. The precious stone associated with the number 21 is known as iolite. Iolite is associated with the visionary, creative side of the mind. It is believed to inspire creative self-expression through writing and other artistic endeavours. These characteristics make it the perfect match for ICSC’s range of creative communication services.

What makes iolite stand out from other stones is that it takes on different colours when it is seen from different angles. Overall, iolite appears as violet-blue, but in different positions it takes on a grey-yellow colour, or even a clear light blue. We’ve incorporated this feature of iolite in our #icsc21 icon. What do you think of it?

“We look forward to delivering innovative and professional communication solutions to you in our 21st year,” says ICSC founder Ilse Cilliers. Whether it’s a communication strategy, employee communication, digital content, design, websites or words, you can count on ICSC to make your brand stand out from the rest. Get in touch with us at or call Ilse at 083 633 3943.

Follow our #icsc21 journey on our social media channels, e-newsletters and blog. We’re excited to share and celebrate this year with you.