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Pro bono work should be a priority – here’s why…

“Every organisation must contribute in some way to a better world for some group of people, because if it doesn’t, it will, and should, go out of business.” – leadership and business pioneer Patrick Lencioni

Pro bono work is incredibly important in today’s business landscape. While it may seem illogical to provide your services free of charge, there are many reasons to do so in the correct circumstances. ICSC does pro bono work for organisations that are closely linked to the communities in which we operate and the people we work with.

First things first: what is pro bono work? Pro bono is the shortened form of the Latin phrase “pro bono publico”, which means “for the public good”. When you work pro bono, you provide services free of charge in order to support a cause that you feel deserving of your time. Pro bono work differs from volunteering in that you provide specific professional skills and services to an organisation in need of these skills, whereas volunteering doesn’t usually require specific skills.

Here are 4 reasons why pro bono work benefits all parties involved:

  1. It’s a great networking opportunity

When you do pro bono work, you will meet other professionals and community leaders who are also involved with the organisation which you are supporting. The boards of NPOs often consist of prominent business leaders and working with them could lead to new business opportunities for you further down the line.

  1. You’ll expand your skill-set

Most businesses tend to get comfortable within a certain niche of clients and job specifications. When you work for an NPO, you are likely to have to rethink your typical ways of working and provide your services in a fresh, new way. This will help your business to remain agile and responsive to change in the future.

  1. It’s good publicity for your business

The organisations you support are likely to thank you for your help on their social media channels or marketing material. Good news stories like these appeal to emotive sentiment of current clients and the resulting word of mouth may lead to new future clients.

  1. There’s a great feel-good factor

Working on a cause that really resonates with you will inevitably boost your self-worth and the morale of all your staff members. “ICSC did pro bono work for Durbanville Children’s Home for many years and now does pro bono work for Ithemba Foundation, two causes that are very close to my heart. It is truly a privilege to use our knowledge and expertise to make a meaningful difference in our community,” says ICSC founder & CEO Ilse Cilliers. 

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