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What should you be telling your employees?

We all know how important communication is for healthy relationships, but did you know that it can also be costly to neglect communication with your employees? According to a Dale Carnegie study, organisations with high employee engagement outperform organisations with low employee engagement by 202%. In addition, disengaged employees cost US organisations between $450 and $550 billion annually, according to a recent poll undertaken by polling agency Gallup.

So, given that it’s so important to talk to your employees, what exactly should you be telling them? ICSC has a few pointers on the kind of content that employees value from their employers:

  1. The bigger picture

It’s important to keep your employees informed regarding where your organisation is heading in the coming months and years. If they understand where they fit into the goals and vision of the organisation, they will gain purpose in their roles. Communicating with employees about long-term plans will also give them a greater sense of job security.

  1. Recognise achievement and hard work

Employees are far more likely to keep producing work of a high standard if they feel that their efforts are noticed and applauded. Likewise, lower performing employees may be motivated to work harder if they see that their colleagues are recognised for their extra efforts. It’s important to applaud achievement (such as award winners), but also to mention those who deliver consistent hard work and commitment.

  1. What can be improved?

Don’t underestimate the potential of asking employees for their opinion on what could be improved in the workplace. Those who are involved with the day-to-day detail of operations often have valuable insights on what changes can be made to improve productivity. Making changes suggested by employees will also boost employee engagement and morale significantly, as employees will know that their opinion is valued.

ICSC has a variety of communication mediums and tools to enable you to share these and other messages with your employees. Contact us at to find out how we can help you communicate meaningfully with your employees.